A Collection of Voices, Volume II 2021

A Collection of Voices, Volume II 2021


Get ready to read the best writing of the 2021 JustWrite Season.  From poetry to horror, fantasy to narrative non-fiction, these stories are sure to amaze.  We are so proud of the high school students who were chosen for publication.


Table of Contents 

Poetic Excellence State Winner

Amelia Campbell, “The Lost Freedom in Bias”


Regional Poetry Award Winners   

Emma Pickett, “Rome”

Ohenmaa Sarfo-Bonsu, “Crooked and Slow”

Megan Leizman, “Breaking Our Binding Oath”

Elsa Zhou, “Imperfection in 4 Shades”

Hailey Dalke, “What is Wrong? My Body”

Israel Gole, “Imperfection”

Sarah Kahn, “Flight” 

Amelia Campbell, “The Bird and the Fish”

Kaitlyn Fritz, “The Unforeseen”

Kelly McLoughlin,  “What Does That Mean”

Trisha Vedula, “Leap of Faith”

Amanda Wu, “Incarcerated”


Nikki Delamotte Award for Excellence in Narrative Writing

Christopher Laux, “Anchors Away”


The Seven Competition Genres

Classic Horror 

Anna Blasinski, “The Black Box and a Sixth Chair”

Katherine Xu, “Black Velvet Boxes”

Sophia Nelson, “Hide and Seek”

Cecilia Coglianese, "Dendrophobia"


Alyssa Guan, “Yin and Yang” 

Emilia Horton, “Royal Deaths”

Kendall Travarca, "You Can't Stop The Sand From Falling"

Mitchell Mathis, "the Awakening"

Historical Fiction

Elizabeth Zhou, “Daisy Fields”

Cadence Swindle, “Untitled” 

Sophia Toth, “At the Shore”

Morgan Germann, “The Cold of the Night” 

Knickolas Laux, “The Visit”



Elsa Zhou, “Third Time’s The Charm”

Ava Minge, “Where, oh where has our dear sister gone?

Himani Pattisam, “Opposition Research”

Brooklyn Lengyel, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

Narrative Nonfiction

Max Outcalt, “Batman”

Morgan Sharbaugh, “Rest Stop Roulette”

Abigail Hassenzahl, “Private Sufferings”

Realistic Fiction

Samantha Werbeck - "No Love"

Alexandros Georgussis, "Drama and Numbers"

Abigail Hickerson, "Spiral"

Kaylee Oliveto, “The Echo of Our Love, Joy, and Memories”

Knickolas Laux, “A Dive”


Science Fiction

Darcy Maxson, “Strangers”

Emma-Jean Stansley, “Electric Dinnertime”

Mia Prisby, “Apocalypse”

Alyssa Cruz, “Earthling”