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2020-21 Contest Winners:

Flowers for Sale

2021 Mother's Day Writing Contest

Congratulation to Joseph Broaddus from Kettering Fairmont High School for his winning narrative which honored his mom!

Click HERE to read his winning entry!

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction


In honor of Mother's Day, compose a Narrative Non-fiction piece that completes this statement and discusses a favorite memory you have: "I will always remember the time when..."

Star Formation

Star Wars Writing Contest


Congratulation to Josh Stekli from Fairlawn High School for his winning Star Wars POV story!

Click HERE to read his winning entry!

Genre: Science Fiction

Prompt: Write a Star Wars spin-off! Choose a favorite supporting Star Wars character and tell the story from their POV. For example, tell the story of the capture of R2D2 and C3PO from the perspective of a Jawa or write about life in Jabba's palace from the perspective of one of his bounty hunters.

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