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January Virtual Regional 2021

Division One Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place- Anna Blasinski- Dublin Coffman High School

2nd Place- Katherine Xu- Dublin Jerome High School

3rd Place- Israel Gole-Olmsted Falls High School

4th Place- Annie Johnson-Dublin Coffman High School

5th Place- Paige Hojdar-Holy Name High School

6th Place- Brianna Waite- Marlington High School

7th Place- Christina Gordon-Holy Name High School

8th Place- Jaylee Wingate-Norwayne High school

9th Place- Isabella Harris-Hamilton Township High School

10th Place- Alexandros Georgussis-Holy Name High School

11th Place- Emerson Eickholt-Dublin Coffman

12th Place- Colleen Schweniger-Dublin Coffman

13th Place- Jameson Lewis-University School

14th Place- Liliana Phillips-Fairlawn High School

15th Place- Keira Knox-Fort Frye High School

Division Two Individual Awards-Top 15 Writers

1st Place- Himani Pattisam- Dublin Coffman High School 

2nd Place- Trisha Vedula-Dublin Coffman High School

3rd Place- Victoria Petrova-Dublin Coffman High School

4th Place- Mollie Stracensky-Holy Name High School

5th Place- Morgan Sharbaugh-Bellbrook High School

6th Place- Emma-Jean Stansley- Norwayne High School

7th Place- Elisa Bell-Fairlawn High School

8th Place- Kendall Travarca- Independence High School

9th Place- Amanda Wu-Olmsted Falls High School

10th Place- Caitlin Spyra-Dublin Coffman High School

11th Place- Max Outcalt-University School

12th Place- Nanae Ikuta-Dublin Jerome High School

13th Place- Nicole Jordan- Holy Name High School

14th Place- Grace Kim-Dublin Jerome High School

15th Place- Jonna Lutz-Hamilton Township High School

Laureate Choice Award-Honoring the Power of Poetry

Division One Winners

Elsa Zhou- Indian Hill High School- "Imperfection in 4 Shdes"

Hailey Dalke- Field High School- "What is Wrong? My Body"

Israel Gole-Olmsted Falls High School- "Imperfection"

Division Two Winners

Kelly McLoughlin- Dublin Jerome High School- "What Does That Mean"

Trisha Vedula-Dublin Coffman High School- "Leap of Faith"

Amanda Wu- Olmsted Falls High School- "Incarcerated"

Division One Overall Team Winners

(based on total number of D1 team points)

1st Place- Dublin Coffman High School

2nd Place- Norwayne High School

3rd Place- Olmsted Falls High School

Division Two Overall Team Winners

(based on total number of D2 team points)

1st Place- Dublin Coffman High School

2nd Place- Holy Name High School

3rd Place- University School

Overall Tournament Champion

(based on total number of Combined D1 and D2 team points)

Dublin Coffman High School

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