Why Us?

JustWrite is built on both an educational and business background.  We are NOT affiliated with any other or previous writing competitions in Ohio.


Between us, the Executive Director and Board have been involved in education and private business for over twenty-six years, and have participated in a variety of writing competitions- as coach, host, and organizer.  We know what it takes to run a successful writing competition, understand the needs of the market, and have a strong plan for the future.  We understand that students need to be the primary mission and want students be recognized for the literary talents they possess.

Who We Are

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Michael Nelson, MRC

JustWrite  Founder/Executive Director


Michael Nelson is the founder of the JustWrite organization.  He has a background in business, counseling, and in education.  He is passionate about kids and giving them a platform to shine.  

Board of Directors


Mylene Hodges

Mylene is a retired business owner who brings with her an eye for detail and an interest in seeing the non-profit grow.  She enjoys spending her time on the beach.  


Sara Nelson

Sara is a gifted intervention specialist, with a background in 7-12 English education.  As a junior high writing coach, Sara brings knowledge of the sport and a passion to inspire kids to find their own inner truth-through writing.


Kathleen Pollock

Kathleen is a retired gifted intervention coordinator, who spent more than 25 years in education.  She is passionate about today's youth, seeing creativity and hope in them everyday.  She is excited to be on the JustWrite Board, as she wants students to always have a way to express their passion.